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Celebrate Success

Celebrate the journey. It’s not all about the destination. Savor all of your successes, even the small ones.

– Dawn Gluskin

Finally, you made some improvements! Or, perhaps, you failed but learned something in the process. In both cases, you should celebrate with your team. This is respecting the people that made it happen.

A celebration can be as easy as saying a few words in private or at the morning standup meeting. It can also be a lunch or a gift. Since you are now mindful and connected to your team and understand their needs and desires (and your own), you can design the appropriate celebration. At my last company, one of the favorite ways we celebrated was to present successes at the quarterly continuous improvement meeting. Improvements large and small were presented, shared, celebrated, and learned from. As I mentioned earlier, after a morning of hansei reflection, my executive staff would spend the afternoons of our quarterly executive offsite retreat, usually held at a nearby winery, enjoying the products of that location and each other’s company.

Showing appreciation can be very powerful and, unfortunately, is often overlooked. A simple word of thanks to an individual, team, or entire organization is very motivational. Say it often, but ensure it is also special. Specifically mention the activity, project, or behavior that is worthy of the thanks. Finally, make it timely by delivering it within a day after the occurrence that warranted the thanks. Be mindful of individual and team dynamics, tailoring the message and delivery method appropriately. When you show appreciation this way, you build stronger relationships, create a positive atmosphere, and improve the team spirit within your organization.

(Thank you for making it this far through this book! Congratulations! Now let’s grow even further.)